Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild





Many thanks to Bob for a fun relaxing day. There are no other Saturday seminars booked at this time.

Here's the supply list:

- 18 x 24 canvas or canvas board or cradleboard or two smaller canvases
(11x14 or so if you want to create a couple of different looks with your
- vinyl or nitrile gloves might be helpful...hands will get dirty

- a couple of different sized painting knives (the ones with the trowel
shaped handle)

- a roll of shop towels
- regular painting supplies (including a couple of flat brushes around 1"

- Liquitex liquid gesso white.

Bob would like each student to have their own bottle of Gesso.

This will be a step by step painting class.

Please note that Traditions Paints will be used for this class. Paints will be supplied to the students for a small palette fee.