Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild





Taken from an article posted By Judy E. in 2005

to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary

                         The idea was formed at the Great Canadian Paint-In held in Ottawa in 1995.

There were guild members from all across Canada volunteering at this event and I, Judy E.,

decided we needed a painting guild in the Quinte area.

                         On June 20, 1995 a meeting was held at my home to discuss the formation of a

Decorative Art Guild. In attendance were Rudy K., Bayside,

Pegi C., Bloomfield, Dorothy B., Bayside, Brenda B.,Carrying Place,

Wendy M., RR#4 Trenton, Mary Lou C., Brighton,

Lynn M., Brighton, Ann H., RR#4 Trenton, and of course myself.

                         The consensus was that a guild was needed in the area to keep

abreast of all the happenings i.e. seminars, conferences etc.,

to exchange ideas, education and general socialization.

Some of the benefits would be a newsletter, seminars, bus trips,

and membership to C’DAN. It was agreed that the first general meeting

should take place on Monday, September 25th at 7 p.m.

Ann H. booked the St. John’s Anglican Church and Pegi C.

agreed to chair the meeting. I am not sure how we paid the rent but

I know that everyone sort of threw money in the pot to get us started.

                        Twenty people attended the first meeting. Election of the President was deferred,

Joyce E. was elected Vice President, Judy E., secretary,

Ann H., treasurer, Brenda S., advertising/publicity,

Pegi C. and Nancy F., program.

It was a unanimous decision to call the Guild the

“Loyalist Decorative Painters Guild”.

It was also agreed to meet the first Thursday of every month.

(Meetings now take place the 2nd Wednesday of each month,

except in the summer and are subject to change.

(Please check out the Future Meeting page)

                        The second meeting took place on Thursday November 2nd

with Connie C. volunteering to be President. By December 7th, 1995

there was 18 paid members. A brown bag auction was held at this meeting raising $50.00

                        In January 1996 a contest was held to design a logo for the Guild.

Brenda S., designed a daisy logo and won the contest.

Also in 1996 a constitution was drawn up by members of the executive.

By May 2nd there were 53 paid members. In March of 1999 there was $4,218.00 in the bank.

                         As education is the focus of the guild there have been many Big Brushes

invited to share their knowledge. Mary Ellen Gerster from Peterborough

was the first to teach in November, 1996. The Mary Owens seminar had 28 names

for Friday and 26 for the Saturday. The Guild has hosted Marie Hulsman, Linda Lock,

Ronnie Bringle, Maureen McNaughton- twice, Chris Wilson, Veronica Cluett,

Heather Reddick, Ritva Rasmussen, Ann LaLonde, Sandy Fochler, Colleen Underwood,

Lisa Farrell, Gladys Neilson, Esa Nieminen, Mary Ethier, Julie Howlett and Lydia Steeves.

The guild has donated to several charities.

One year we made up kits of children’s painting supplies to go to

the White Oaks Foundation. Money has been given to Garrets Island,

trees have been decorated for the Festival of Trees and most recently the

                 guild has taken on memory boxes for the Belleville Hospital